with Claudia Givan, Software Engineer & Trainer

Through our business we are part of the Tech Recruitment world, so we have the responsibility to provide guidance and constructive feedback before and after tech interviews. We are also firm believers in educating and being open-minded enough to let yourself be educated.

Luckily enough, we often get the chance to connect and interact with great, inspiring minds.

Such is the case of Claudia Givan. Mentor. Senior Software Developer. Teacher.

She was kind enough to answer some of our questions and provide valuable insights into the struggles, milestones and risks you have to take in the learning process, as a…

There is a saying I once heard that resonated with me. “Changing your perspective changes your experience”. This hits differently depending on which stage of your life you are in or in which areas you want to make adjustments.

For me, it raised questions about how I can improve day-to-day interactions with people, how I can unveil more potential and how I can perfect my craft . As a recruiter and as part of a team of professionals with a true desire of elevating recruitment processes (and interactions in general) to a high level of transparency, respect and kindness.


Let’s face it: technical interviews can be tough, regardless if you are a junior or a senior. Some people find it difficult even to admit when they are nervous or when they might use some help with the interview prep.

@Talent Matchmakers I have learned to really try to be there for the candidates. We are happy when they ask for our help and we go above and beyond to contribute to their professional development. And when candidates don’t ask for help, we come up with ideas that might inspire them — like putting together a checklist for a successful…

The Road to Entrepreneurship

You wake up one day and realize that YOU want to change the course of the world.

That YOU can make a difference or at least start doing things differently. Better.

That’s how MY story started.

I like to think of myself as a superheroine. I’m constantly changing lives, families, professional journeys or I give people the wake-up calls they need. I touch souls and reach people’s inner world. Not every time, it’s still a desire to cultivate a professional discipline in people. It doesn’t always work out. And that’s okay.

From the very beginning, I…

Talent Matchmakers

Human resources consultancy company focused on the software development industry. Based in Cluj, Romania. https://talentmatchmakers.co/

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